Pasar Go-Lie at Benton Junction

Nice peranakan restaurant with interesting menu, including mie encek, rujak encim and es mambo (which you’ll get for free if mention them on twitter). Location: Benton Junction, Karawaci – Banten. – at Pasar Go-Lie

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Introducing Trevor Hager

First Indie album of Trevor Hager. He said I would enjoy the song “Runaway”. One of American Idol top 6 contestants Phil Stacey come back for the second time in Jakarta on an Asian tour to promote his album and shared the gospel. This time, his talented partner Trevor joined him in the concert.

If you missed the concert today, you can still come tomorrow, March 30, at IES Central, UOB Plaza Jl. M.H. Thamrin, 5pm. Get the FREE ticket ar

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