From Jakarta Book Club: Graphic Novels

Riza, one of the colorists for DC Comics joined our discussion yesterday. “If you’re sure about your ability, just go for it. We work here but the salary is in USD, so it’s good,” he said calmly.

Our next Jakarta Book Club will be held on Sept 12, 11am-2pm. The theme is SCIENCE FICTION and so far Michael Crichton, A.E. van Vogt and George Orwell are already on the reviewer’s list. Can’t wait! Decided to celebrated JBC anniversary nx month when co-host Ollie is joining. If you’re interested to join, just find us on #JBCmeetup

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From Jakarta Book Club: August meetup

From our monthly Jakarta Book Club meetup yesterday: We discussed about Graphic Novels and it was so much fun!!! From Maus, Meta Maus, Watchmen, Persepolis, Kiki de Montparnasse, Jaybird, Lion and Cub, etc, etc… 21 participants (62% males). Attendance level was up from 38% to 53%. We’re heading off to a great start!! #JBCmeetup

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