Soul Searching Tuesday

Finished the day. A bit broken-hearted for a bunch of reasons. But I guess that’s normal in life, you can’t always get what you want. The fact that life doesn’t give you lemons every day is already something to be thankful for.

We’re talking to dozens of people a day but are only connected to a few. We’re looking at many faces at a time, but only enjoy a few to whom we‘re attracted to. We receive a lot of love, but only a few really leave a mark and fill the hollows in our souls. I don’t know the formula for happiness but I know that my way of staying happy is to not be insanely happy about something or someone. Anything that’s not eternal should not be treated or expected as that. A relationship is one that is not to be made to last.

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Today and the Present

Timing is everything. This is a good lesson learned in business or friendship or romance. Once you’re at that right moment, the negotiation could happen at the right price point, with win-win output which probably wouldn’t even be an option a few months ago. Everyone’s happy.

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Warm Breeze in London

I felt lost, but I am nowhere to be found. It’s always a nice feeling to know that you’re not doing something alone. The world is made after all not just for you and thee. While drifting apart, we find solace. Once in a while, they come like a tidal wave, another time like a warm breeze. This day it was the latter. Just to chat for hours, side by side, with some level of openness that can only be discovered in two nomad travellers who are stranded in a faraway land. I am struck by this newfound revelation.
I still find ambition is a damn sexy trait.

Don’t you agree?

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