Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Oh I feel so (geek) smart… 😙 Figuring out by myself on how to use my old wireless router with my new Fastnet connection… A bit understood about IP address, MAC address, ARP binding anddd… the difference between WAN & LAN port 😆 *time to grasp it all: 2.5 hours of googling*

Sooo, with TP-Link’s TL MR3220 + 2 UTP cables I can now connect my 2 laptops and 3 mobile devices to the wi-fi!! 4 Mbps is not too bad for Indonesian standard :p *happy happy*

Shirleydaily is here


From the days of Angelfire, Geocities in 2004 to Blogspot, Tumblr and now… WordPress!

Finally landed and regained full control over the domain that I have been using for more than 5 years through the help (and sponsorship) of a good friend. Thanks to iPhone and apps, now I’m planning to blog from my phone and captured anything that got my attention.

While shirleydaily.tumblr.com is more like an extension of Path and personal shouts, this site will focus more on review; whether it is on travel destinations, hang-out spots, movies, music tracks, sports, or events. After I analyzed my old Blogspot site, it’s clear that people do like to read those reviews. The posts received more than 800 “page views” were either these reviews or abstract opinions.

So, welcome! Since everything that is good in this life is given free, I shall keep this blog open for public view. Before I start, what do you  think of my theme template? Suggestions are highly appreciated.