Don’t Ignore

God said, “just wait” but you go ahead and miss more things along the way.

God said, “come to Me” but you seek other relieves and lose yourself along the way.

God said, “be grateful” but you want what others have and feel miserable.

God said, “you have enough” but you want more and become busier than ever. In the end, you lose precious time.

We are here only for 90 years max, so bear with it. Don’t ignore the good voice inside that’s scolding you when you lost your way. Like a candle that burns inside, it can (and it will) die if you blow it.

Pray for Justice in India (& Don’t Travel There)

I was staring at the screen and suddenly cried. No, I wasn’t watching a silly romantic movie or sad documentary about war. I was reading one news about a 5-year-old Indian girl in New Delhi, who was allegedly kidnapped for 2 days, tortured, raped and finally left to die in her neighbor’s apartment. The suspect is a 22-year-old low-class (or I should say “lowlife”) factory worker.

The toddler is currently reported in a “stable” condition, but she may need corrective surgeries due to her extreme injuries. From what I read, especially in the neck and genitalia area.

I can’t be more disturbed when I read it. A bit furious, for no reason. I don’t know her personally, I don’t know her parents or siblings, but I’m a woman.

I believe that every child deserves a chance to grow and develop his/ her full potential in a positive environment. In the news I read, it said that the poor family of the girl was offered INR 2,000 (less than four-hundred-freaking-thousand rupiah!!) to keep quiet.

India needs a female leader who would pay attention to these matters. The country of 1.2 billion has gained so many critiques for all the horrible cases that happened to women over the past few months.

Here I am, sitting in my comfy chair, reading this, and I can just close the screen right now and pretend that this world is okay. But it is not. After watching a thrilling coverage of manhunt in Massachusetts on CNN the whole day yesterday, I think this news is more disturbing. These criminals –terrorist & rapist– are young men (19 and 22) who have the world in their grips and the stamina to work hard and be the best they can be. But they chose to hurt innocent people, for whatever reasons which are probably personal.

This is a sick world.

Now, I have been to some parts of India and I used to “defend” this country when people say bad stigma about it. In fact, I really enjoyed my long holiday there, and I’ve met many friendly people who then became my new friends. But I would not encourage people to visit India for now, because there is something really disturbing about how the government handle such criminal cases against women.

Yes, some parts of India are beautiful indeed, but as a solo female traveler I wouldn’t suggest the place as a “travel destination” to traveler friends… More over, to fellow female travelers. There are still many beautiful travel destinations in the world!

So, no, I won’t just sit here and forget about the pain of that 5-year-old Indian girl. I will pray for her and her family, and I would speak up my mind and warn people NOT TO VISIT India until the officials take these cases more seriously. If a country can do an EMBARGO, so can we. As world travelers, we can tell people not to visit India, through different communities like Couchsurfing, Meetup, etc. We have the right to save our money and spend it in other countries that are more deserving. No, it’s not about “those individual beasts” (I remember that I used to say that before), it’s about the system, the mindset, the culture.

Men, respect women. When you see them, remember your mother who had carried you for 9 months and delivered you into this world.

As for that 22-year-old factory worker, I can only wish that justice will fall upon him (and hopefully he will get gruesome ‘public punishments’ in the jail –repeatedly). After all, we only reap what we sow.

Would You Date Girls Who Travel?

“Date A Girl Who Travels”

I think the writer of this article is in love with a traveler** 🙂

But jokes aside, I remember that I once asked someone to join my solo trip. I felt that he has a kind heart. And he does. We explored the island, shared beers and laughter, a little bit crazy fun on the side, then before we knew it we were dating for quite a while. We did road trips, hit the road without a single map in hand, got lost here and there, but we’d always enjoyed it.

If I were to meet someone special, I would definitely travel with him for a while first to see how compatible our strength, weakness, intelligence and views about the world are. Maybe I live in vain, or maybe I think too much. But I know what I want.

I know that something worth to wait for is something worth to keep for the rest of your life.

**The harsh truth is most guys would feel intimidated by a female traveler, especially if she likes to travel solo. Many guys would choose a woman who can be a “trophy wife” –someone who physically looks flawless, is a bit clueless about many things, needy and luckily master the art of putting make-up.

Do I Plan This?

“So are you planning to be alone (forever)?” a guy asked me today.

Hmmm, if only I could get a dollar every time someone asks me that 😙 (NOTE: I would prefer AUD, pls, cuz I’ll be using the currency soon. Lol)

How would I know if I’m going to change my mind or not within the next decade? Getting married is easy, people, but getting a compatible lifetime partner is NOT. Marriage is the beginning of a new chapter, it’s not the end nor the goal.

I feel sorry for you if you feel that way 😶 #asingleslife

Walking with Father J

There is a hole, a gap in me that cannot be filled with anything but Jesus. He found me when I was very young and I’ve been talking to Him ever since.

He knows me even before I knew who He was. And no one knows me better than Him.

There were times I hurt Him, every now and then, and when it happened I lost my peace.

But He never leaves me.

The same mighty savior who found Paul, Zakheus, C.S. Lewis… The only living God who once had lived as a man –who would understand my every bit of sorrow.

God knows I don’t ask for this life, for my life is still a painful happiness because I have always been a solitaire.

Maybe that’s why I like yoga. It makes sense that a more bubbly and outgoing person would choose sports like balley dancing or salsa over yoga. It is the perfect sport for loners (whether or not they are lonely people).

I have written several series about Him, my sorrows and the conversations we had. One day, if God’s willing, I would publish it. But my life isn’t a full circle just yet, so I need to learn and listen more.

No matter what, thank you Father for never letting me go.