When life gives you lemon…

when_life_gives_you_lemon…don’t just make lemonade!! Lemon is antioxidant, refresher and fountain of youth. Every part of it is good and useful, and I have developed a routine for this. My brother is also having his own routines with lemon (and it’s not like we planned it together.. LOL).

I started this after I thought about getting Vitamin C injection (which is quite expensive… well, at least it would cost me Rp 500k per shot). Now I have been using lemons for 2 weeks and have felt the result on my skin and digestion system. If it’s like this for a month, will increase my dose in consuming lemons and increase budget for lemons (Rp 15k/ piece). I think it can replace chemical mask and night cream, but we’ll see. #lovinglemons #healthylife #secret

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