“Happy” Makes Me Happy :)

Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” has made a lasting impression on people around the world and, as a result, we can see many videos that recorded different locations with people smiling and dancing to the catchy tunes. FYI, Pharrell had previously made a full day’s worth of footage of him and a bunch of strangers (and celebs) singing this song in various locations. The song is the OST of “Despicable Me 2”.

I like watching these videos because I also get to see different parts of the world and how the local people act and express themselves through music –which I think is the most universal language in the world. If you haven’t been to any of these places, well, it is also a good teaser to inspire your next trip.

So, cheers to Sydney, cheers to Montreal, salute to Firenze, sláinte to Dublin, prost to Cologne, egészségére to Budapest,  santé to Paris, gezondheid to Leeuwarden, etc… Hopefully the video will inspire dance-off in many more countries! Definitely looking forward to seeing one from Asia. After all, smiling and dancing are the best medicines in the world. Enjoy the videos!

IMHO, the song is a well-deserving single for an Oscar!


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