Goodbye Nokia

So sad. The first mobile I got from my dad was Nokia 3120, then I got another 5210, the first color hp that year. Then I bought my own 3210 with my first salary. The phone is still working until now. My last Nokia was N95, with autofocus 5MP camera equipped with Carl Zeiss lens. Very personal and memorable for me and I still have it until now. Yes, still working. Amazing right. In Europe, people still like using Nokia because it’s affordable, easy to use and has map & GPS better than any other brands. Unlike Blackberry that is too narrow-minded and lack of innovation, IMHO Nokia’s weakness is having too many variants and too focus on increasing volume instead of margin. Apple’s iPhone today is on the other extreme, banking on pride & vanity by increasing profit margin like crazy. Someday it will hurt itself and eat the pride. When that happens, not even the ghost of Steve Jobs could save it. La vida es asi. #2014

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