I only fly with GA and AA when flying jkt-sub, knowing that the ppl who pick me up can have decent rest if it’s in T2 Juanda. Also, these two airlines have the earliest flight to jkt that is arriving at T2 or T3. Meaning, if you don’t have baggage you can be the first one to leave the terminal and get a taxi (seriously, you’ll be the 1st passenger for the taxis). I’ve been the 1st passenger to touchdown the airport and get a taxi without queueing for the 4 times now (yes, I get to pick BB or other taxis that I want too).

To get the same treatment like GA, you just need to add 200k in AA (pre-book meal Rp 40k+ airport tax Rp 40-75k + premium seat Rp 95k). So if the GA flight costs 400k more than AA, I’d then book AA. Just make sure to get the front seat. Prebook meal is also a nice addition if you are flying the earliest flight and you buy the ticket few months earlier, because it’s like giving yourself a surprise. Lol. #morningflight #travelingtips

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