Things You Can Do While Taking/ Driving an Uber 

Had a ride with Uber, and the driver was a young Chinese guy who gave me a brochure at the end of my ride. This is my 2nd time riding Uber with two young male drivers (on a Saturday night) who dress well and maintain their car well (most probably their own cars). Salute! It’s a good way to spend weekends when you don’t have a date (compared to going to a club and blow off some steam along with money!)

He handed me this, which probably another side job of his. I just realized how cheap it is to buy a car (if it’s just any car). But I don’t think I wanna maintain one, if I can afford going with cabs and uber without having to stand in taxi queue every time I need them. I don’t have to spend 15 mins to find parking etc. 

I do, however, like to drive a car/ ride a motorcycle alone (that used to be my way to de-stress myself), but I hate the fact that I won’t be able to stay productive if I have to drive a car wherever I go. I can just use the time to wear sunscreen, fix my hair & makeup, reply emails, eat my lunch, make business calls, etc. 

That’s also why I can’t force myself to take the mass transportation anymore; cuz I wouldn’t be able to do those things while I’m on an ojek, bus, or angkot. Lol. Plus, mass transport is also a waste of time (yes, time is also money). #weekend

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