First Visit at Akira Back Jakarta. Still Can’t Get Over It

Nice quiet dinner with a good friend. We’re lucky to be there when it’s not crowded. 

The best dish was the Wagyu steak. So juicy, tender and melting in your mouth. Cut into 4 small 50g pieces and garnished with quill egg & carrot slices.  

Will definitely come back for a romantic dinner next time!! – at Akira Back

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Trying Out Playlists on Spotify

Tryin’ out #Spotify. Rp 49k/ month… Still too expensive for me (since I already hv different cables, internet, and streaming service providers), but it’s nice to be able to pay with cash or credit card. Their free option is also good, cuz they have various “intelligent” playlists that you can choose from. Like it!

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Time to Get Back on My Yoga Mat (ASAP) with CodyApp

Trying out Codyapp, a fitness app for casual fitness fans that was founded in 2013 by 2 former Microsoft staff. Here instructors and students can connect and chat, it’s a win-win because the teachers will get access to yoga fans around the world, and students will be able to support the teachers (without having to download pirated videos, etc).

I’ve seen several online courses on yoga on general app like Udemy, but unfortunately they were taught by unknown teachers. Codyapp approached well-known teachers who have experience in teaching workshops around the world every year. I wonder how is the profit sharing between the company and teachers, cuz like for this one best-selling class, the revenue alone is more than Rp 1.7 billion ($169,000).

I’m always a great supporter of startups and an effort to stay away from piracy. From kindle, netflix, udemy, etc, I truly believe that we have to appreciate intellectual property as much as we do with tangible assets. #yoga

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Yourganic vs. Kokonat 100% Coconut Drink

I don’t mind at all drinking this every day. So much better than drinking bubble tea or Mama Ros or Pokka green tea, even though the price is 3x more expensive. Usually alternate between Yourganic and Kokonat, whichever is fine^^ 

You can’t keep them overnight without putting in fridge cuz it will gone bad quite fast. If I can drink this every day, I’d just spend Rp 900k a month. Totally worth it? Haha, I guess I have too choose between Starbucks and this. #thursday

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Online Grocery Shopping with Happy Fresh: No More Carrying Heavy Plastic Bags

I have been dreading going to supermarket when my beverage supply is low, but the reason I reduce my frequent of going to ranch market is the ridiculous long queue and extra plastic bags fee. 

After my friends reported for months how easy their lives become with Happy Fresh service, I finally tried it. Not as expensive as I thought! Instead of getting 4 plastic bags, I get a huge green totebag that I can re-use next time. 

Delivery time: punctual (they will scrap the delivery fee if they arrive later than an hour). Knowledge of shopping: good enough. Will try again.

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