Hunting for Apartment (Cari Apartemen untuk Sewa)

I just got terrible news this weekend: I’m going to be evicted soon from my current place. That means I have to immidiately look for a new place to stay!!

So, now I’m considering few options in my hands. Kinda glad that the price of property for sale/ rent is slowing down this year. I have also been thinking about moving out to an apartment for a while now (to be able to host people, get rid of clutters, cook healthier meals, do morning jog, etc). But, now I’m super confused about finding a  good place within the city. Some of my considerations are:

1. Location, location, location (within <10 km from HI roundabout, have multiple access to SCBD, not heavily jammed on weekends, easy access to the airport/ KRL/ DAMRI bus stations).

2. Safe environment to have a walk (morning jog, walk to the main road, not near the slum area). Accessible by Uber, Grab, taxis, Gojek.

3. Near good hospitals, 24 hours clinic and specialist (living alone means you have to be able to transport yourself when you are sick or get food poisoned or injured without other assistance).

4. Good broadband internet access (both wired & wireless connection, so it should be on lower level). I work telecommute, so this is unnegotiable requirement.

5. Doesn’t break my wallet (should be no more than 100% increase from my current expense).

My options are very limited, and I need to make a decision within less than 2 months! Please pray for me. The last time I moved in and out of a building was around 2010, so I’ve created a strong bond with my current neighborhood for almost 6 years now!

It’s always sad to let go of things and start something over. Fortunately, this time I have enough emergency fund to make an annual rent etc. and could eliminate the boarding house option. This is a practice for me to take care my own apartment in the future.

So, any suggestions for me? Newer building (less than 5 years) with semi furnished interior would be greatly appreciated.

Central Jakarta

South Jakarta

West Jakarta

How to Attend a Book Club in Indonesia (by Jakarta Book Club)

Happy Sunday! Read the 1st part of our latest blog, “A Beginner’s Guide to Attend a Book Club in Indonesia”. 

(Pic courtesy of @ernestjw) #komunitasbaca #sukabuku #jakartabookclub

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Get VIP Ticket to Big Bad Wolf Jakarta Pre-Opening Book Sale

The VIP ticket for Big Bad Wolf JKT pre-opening SALE is hereee! Do you want it? You can get it for FREE by reading and following a simple rule on Jakarta Book Club blog: #bigbadwolfbooksale #bigbadwolfJKT #Jakartabookclub #booklovers

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It’s Time for a Holiday

 I don’t go traveling because other people are doing it or for the sake of flying. I do it when I want to break boredom and to train myself to become a nomad one day. 

Being a nomad needs financial independence, so I have to work on it today. 

For now, I like the idea of taking a month break within a year to travel. These are the books I picked up during my last 5 weeks trips in the U.S.-South Korea. I like the experience and being in a new environment, but I dislike air turbulence, packing, boarding, waiting at the lounge, etc. 

I like spending hours in libraries and come back several times to the same library that I like. Maybe cuz we don’t have good libraries in Indonesia, or because I have a lot of spare time to read during vacation. Sometimes I missed touristy spots because I spent too much time at one library or book store. 

Up until this day, I still don’t know why I like books so much that I could instantly feel at home when I visit a library or book store. #bookworm #reading #traveldiary 

Founder’s note from Jakarta Book Club meetup April 17, 2016

Energy drained every time we finished hosting a meetup. It requires attention to details, good coordination, and takes lesson from mistakes. As an INTJ person who doesn’t really enjoy public speaking, I want to stay quiet for the rest of the day after that. Lol.

Is it worth the effort? I’d say yes, cuz we encourage ppl to read and stimulate their minds, to ask, to find answers from books.

With JBC, I read more books even in my busy days (not as much as I used to when I’m in primary and secondary schools, but good enough). When I was 5-20, I read 2-3 books a day, or about 720 books a year (complete all the books, not just partial). If you combine the total, that’s more than 10,000 books in 15 years. That are still more books out there! So, yes, I regretted the years when I abandoned my love of reading.

If you haven’t read enough, you are missing a lot. #jakartabookclub #April

Time to Buy Imported Books #Indonesia. Find Cheap Books at Big Bad Wolf Jakarta!

What is Big Bad Wolf book sale?

It’s basically the first warehouse sale for imported books which aims to boost the love of reading by cutting price tags on books up to 95%. They started it in Malaysia in 2009, and expanded to Indonesia this year.

Find various genres, especially children’s imported books, at super affordable price! Better save your money on this one and bring a luggage with wheels to the event. You’ll find it hard to resist 3.5 million NEW books that are offered. Info: #BBWJakarta

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Jakarta Book Club’s review on “In Praise of Hatred” (banned book in Syria)

If you wonder about what happened in Syria and the conflicts between several religious groups and the government, maybe this book is for you.

“In Praise of Hatred”, a banned book in Syria, is a novel that kinda explain the mind of a naive teenage girl who got transformed (if not brainwashed) into a mujahideen, without realizing that she lives in confinements throughout her lifetime.

Read the full review:

The book is sold for only Rp 60,000 at Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Book Sale event, from April 30-May 8. #BBWJakarta

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Nomz’s Salted Egg Yolk Lava Croissant… is it reaaaally that good?

The famous croissant from Nomz restaurant in Grand Indonesia (East mall, UG). It’s our favorite restaurant these days, beating Publik Markette which is located just across. These two restaurants are surely competing head-to-head, with similar menu and coffee treats.   

However, I gotta hand it to Nomz, because from time to time they seem to meet our expectations in service and food quality. Sorry Ismaya, you know that sometimes your food is just mediocre (cuz you’re depending too much on selling atmosphere)! Nomz has more variety of desserts (waaay better than Union) and gives free appetizers at the beginning of serving (like most fancy Italian restaurants in Jakarta). So, if you are having sweet tooth or only in town for a stint, don’t forget to drop by at this restaurant. It has even served dessert creation from Reynold Poernomo, the finalist of Master Chef Australia s7. 

Weekend is always a challenge to get a table at restaurants in Jakarta’s mega malls. The fastest way to reach this place is from Kempinski hotel lobby (you can find a tunnel goes to Grand Indonesia and, voila! The restaurant is located on the left side of the elevator).