Welcome to my world, Surface

This is perfect for people who like to type, draw and write from time to time! I bet the #SurfaceStudio is even more amazing than this. Great job, #Microsoft! Apple, you’ve been in your confort zone far too long. People who buy your stuff are mainly seeking for status & chic look, but even now #surfacepro4 is much more powerful & stylish than Macbook. #tech #gadget #nerdgirl #2016

***holes are everywhere

Was looking for my way to the bus stop after getting lost at an underpass, a 40-something decent-looking guy came up and say, “women cao ni hao ma?”. Urgh! So angry cuz I couldn’t reply back, I just shook my head. It basically means “Shall we fuck?” #harrasmentstillhappens #singapore #asshole

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