December, again

Although this is not the best year in my life, I still have many reasons to be thankful and feel blessed throughout this year. 

Another year, another age number will pass by and yet I am constantly asking myself from time to time, “What have I done so far?” 

I hope you too feel truly blessed this year. 

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” (Phil 4:13- NLT) #december #decembergirl #seasonsgreetings 

Welcome to my world, Surface

This is perfect for people who like to type, draw and write from time to time! I bet the #SurfaceStudio is even more amazing than this. Great job, #Microsoft! Apple, you’ve been in your confort zone far too long. People who buy your stuff are mainly seeking for status & chic look, but even now #surfacepro4 is much more powerful & stylish than Macbook. #tech #gadget #nerdgirl #2016

How to be a good sales person 

I was planning to visit three places; Courts at Raffles building, Challenger, and #HarveyNorman. 

After created fixed itinerary for the day, I browsed around and found that HN is the nearest place to me, located at Millenia Walk/ Suntec. 

So I walked for 15 minutes there and found this shiny looking gadget right at the entrance. Exactly what I was looking for! No need to wait till #blackfriday cuz Microsoft has slashed $300 on #surfacepro4 at their online store & retailers until Dec 2. 

Then, one of the staff, Keith (quite cute looking) came by and had a small talk with me. I started asking about this and that, he answered by giving his honest yet diplomatic opinions. He was very patient & even offered to show some stuff around the shop for me as alternatives. He started offering bonuses and free stuff in subtle way, but when I said “I’ll think about it, thanks”, he didn’t look irritated when I walked away. 

So, I came back 5 mins later, specifically looking for him, and I bet he was happy to close the deal. IMO, he is a good sales person; he has initiatives, he is direct yet polite, he tries up selling and treat a customer like king. Did I go to Challenger and Courts after that? Of course not 😄#retail #shopping #november 

Meetup in Library@Orchard Singapore for the first time

Did you know that Orchard Gateway in Singapore has a nice spot for reading and having a meetup? Next time, after shopping in Orchard, visit Library@Orchard, on the 3rd floor. People just come to read, relax, and join this kind of local meetup at the public area called Space.

We are hoping that one day Jakarta will have something like this to. #igdaily #bookstagram #booklovers #library #books – at library@orchard

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Mbak Sumi dan Go Clean

Waktu sudah berjalan satu jam dua puluh menit dan Mbak Sumi masih terlihat gesit mengelap dan menata barang kesana-kemari. Tujuan akhirnya adalah membersihkan kamar mandi. Usianya mungkin sepuluh tahun lebih diatas saya, tapi tubuhnya kurus, mungil, dan cekatan. Ia mengenakan jilbab hitam, yang mungkin ia senadakan dengan seragam #GoClean yang harus ia pakai. Cara bicaranya singkat dan tertata, tidak melengking dan vulgar seperti para asisten rumah tangga yang kerap bergosip lantang dan memenuhi lobby dan pinggiran kolam renang apartemen karena kurang kerjaan.

Layanan dua jam yang ia sediakan lewat #Gojek buat pekerja kantoran yang sibuk, terutama penghuni apartemen yang tidak punya ruang dan waktu untuk mempekerjakan asisten rumah tangga tetap, sangatlah berharga. Benar kata orang, waktu adalah uang. Apa yang Mbak Sumi lakukan selama dua jam belum tentu bisa saya kerjakan sendiri dengan hasil serapi itu. Saya termasuk salah satu orang yang sangat menghargai kemajuan teknologi untuk memperbanyak layanan seperti ini. Jadi, terima kasih banyak, Mbak Sumi! #bukaniklan

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