How to be a good sales person 

I was planning to visit three places; Courts at Raffles building, Challenger, and #HarveyNorman. 

After created fixed itinerary for the day, I browsed around and found that HN is the nearest place to me, located at Millenia Walk/ Suntec. 

So I walked for 15 minutes there and found this shiny looking gadget right at the entrance. Exactly what I was looking for! No need to wait till #blackfriday cuz Microsoft has slashed $300 on #surfacepro4 at their online store & retailers until Dec 2. 

Then, one of the staff, Keith (quite cute looking) came by and had a small talk with me. I started asking about this and that, he answered by giving his honest yet diplomatic opinions. He was very patient & even offered to show some stuff around the shop for me as alternatives. He started offering bonuses and free stuff in subtle way, but when I said “I’ll think about it, thanks”, he didn’t look irritated when I walked away. 

So, I came back 5 mins later, specifically looking for him, and I bet he was happy to close the deal. IMO, he is a good sales person; he has initiatives, he is direct yet polite, he tries up selling and treat a customer like king. Did I go to Challenger and Courts after that? Of course not 😄#retail #shopping #november 


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