Speaking English in Korea = Intimidating 

SEOUL DAY 5. I think my aura is a bit intimidating *sigh*. Really felt it in Korea. Unless in posh areas like Apgujeong, or Gangnam, Koreans are really afraid when someone asked them something in English. I haven’t explored the posh areas much, because honestly they look so fake. Almost like Bali, but more lost in identity. No uniqueness or originality, like Hongdae for example. That area describes how the young Koreans act & adapt in their own little world.

Fact 1. I found out that most Korean women were smaller than me. Some ahjuma are shorter than my shoulder! The more beautiful they are, the less make up they wear. Really envy that skin, but now I know how they get their hair. Haha! It’s all about maintenance.

Fact 2. Koreans are homogenous ppl. They want to look, walk, talk, dress, even has the same perm, hair color and type of shoes. I find it weird that someone wants to blend in the society. Still quite patriarchal, imho. Young couples often show PDA everywhere and the guys always look like the chauffeur who carry around their lady purse AND shopping bags everywhere!

Fact 3. Koreans reaallly, I mean reaallyyy… look up to the Americans. Maybe like how Indians look up to the English. They want to dress like Americans, act like Americans, sleep with Americans. Even variety shows on TV always have Caucasian stars. They just love mixed race, but only if half Caucasians. When I wore a shirt bought in NY, a hotel staff asked me a lot of things & practiced his English with me.

Fact 4. Koreans are brought up to be superficial. Good manner, flawless skin, flawless hair, branded bags, fake lashes, perm dyed hair, fancy car, skimpy dress (even the school uniform can make one look like she’s not wearing a skirt) are good for you. I think I can live in Korea, cuz the language is not difficult, but I don’t think I will like it. The men, however, are sweet. At the subway the other day, a cool guy said hello silently to me among the crowd. He waved his right hand in front of his chest and not even smiling, just lift his lips a bit & looked interested in getting to know me in the crowd. I mean, you gotta give credit for that. But it’s not gonna work if he wasn’t good looking, though. Lol. But I have a boyfriend, so… (just in case he reads this). Lol. #diary

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