SF DAY 2: I found that the hostels in both locations are totally different in terms of safety. The one in city center is totally not a good place to stay, although the staff is ok. There are limited stores, many beggars on the street would come to you asking for a dollar or pennies. How come the US govt actually let them going around like this, I don’t know. I just know that they are concentrated in few areas, and Larkin, Mission & O’Farrell st. are two of them.
So I moved 6 blocks away to another place which is super close to the union station. Lots of food place, 3* hotels and coffee place, so I’m happy.
I think I have broken my legs, lol, after all those biking around the golden gate bridge and back. Left at 1:30pm and checked in at the hostel at 7pm (after carrying the bike for 5 blocks). The temperature is going down quite drastically after 5pm, so it’s best to wear layers. SF, show me what you got, cuz I still love NY better. #SF #solotravel #USAtrip #westcoast

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