My First Portuguese Friend

Meet B**** Diaz, my new Portuguese friend. We arrived on the same day in San Fracisco and slept at the lower bunks. She found me taking 5-hour nap after my sleepless long-hour flight. 

She’s what you calls a badass chick, with tattoos all over her body, nose pierce and nip tuck here and there. But she is really insecure about herself (well, if you have a boob job you must not like what you’ve originally had). She is self-centric but shy at the same time. 

One day she decided to pack her bags and move to SF with $3000 and blocked credit card in her pocket for the next 6 months. She said some of her friends had done so. Her family is well-known in Brazil, and she has produced several short films. but she never really enjoy what she has. We chatted all day, mostly about her. But that’s me, you can spend a whole day with me and give all your personal information without knowing a single thing about me at the end of day. I just don’t like talk about myself or share my stories in verbal conversation. People don’t usually know who I date or what I’m doing, except if they are really a close circle that I chose to hang out with. 

I’ve several friends since yesterday, 2 Chinese guys, 2 Swedish guys, one American med student, one sweet lady from UK, and a cute black guy who used to live in Italy for a year. Meeting new people in a different country surely makes you feel like you are just a citizen of universe, and that everyone is actually born the same, no matter what skin color God had given to us.

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