My Fave Instant Coffee: Kopi Papi

Coffee is a personal taste. I have to admit that my tongue is used to a certain flavor of coffee, could be 100% arabica or blends. Indonesia is familiar with arabica coffee and its sugary taste. That’s why I don’t usually drink “2 in 1”, “3 in 1”, or worse, “4 in 1” coffee in sachets. They have no impact on me, except that I will accumulate lots of sugar if I continue to drink them on regular basis.

However, I have been stocking this ready-made coffee drink for months. I really like this brand cuz it’s not just trying to impress hipsters with their “cold brew in mini glass bottle” over-the-top bullshit, but it simply creates good mix of coffee, steamed milk and creamer. Plus, they sell it at a very affordable price, 15k each. Have met the maker once & I hope they’ll keep on selling coffee for its quality (and maybe add the “less sugar” variant) #coffeeholic #coffee #weekend

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