This anti-itch cream is effective indeed. It’s no news that my skin is sensitive/allergic to sulfa, grass, insect bites, cold, sun exposure and carpets, especially in the leg area.

2 months before my US trip, I had a tiny insect bite on my left shin. It was small but itchy, so I tend to scratch it automatically when I’m wearing tight jeans or in my sleep. Within a few days, it got worsen. The itch had become wider and it formed several spots like pores. I hated it so much, but didn’t have time to go to the doctor.

I ended up buying minyak tawon, betadine, garamicin, hydrocortisone 1% from the pharmacy and treated the itch myself. No actual result achieved, cuz the symptoms cleared up but returned within a few days if I felt stressed out or not in a happy mood. Weird, but allergy/ skin condition is also influenced by your stress level (according to my previous shinse/ specialists who treated my allergy when I was young). This includes eczema or acnes.

So, the itch became reaaaally bad when I was in the US, since the weather is cold and dry, and I had to wear tight leggings/ stockings every day. At some points the 3 cm pores bled when I scratched the itchy skin. I went to Target (so love the place, hehe, that I went to 4 different Target stores throughout my trip) and bought this cream.

I used it upon my return in Jakarta, and within 2 days the itch was gone, the pores are healed and the symptoms didn’t come back. Thank God for the healing, of course. Aveeno is a good daily treatment brand, like some friends say, maybe cuz it’s a division of J&J. I just hope I can find it here along with Boots no7 and Neutrogena skin care. #random

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