Things You Can Do While Taking/ Driving an Uber 

Had a ride with Uber, and the driver was a young Chinese guy who gave me a brochure at the end of my ride. This is my 2nd time riding Uber with two young male drivers (on a Saturday night) who dress well and maintain their car well (most probably their own cars). Salute! It’s a good way to spend weekends when you don’t have a date (compared to going to a club and blow off some steam along with money!)

He handed me this, which probably another side job of his. I just realized how cheap it is to buy a car (if it’s just any car). But I don’t think I wanna maintain one, if I can afford going with cabs and uber without having to stand in taxi queue every time I need them. I don’t have to spend 15 mins to find parking etc. 

I do, however, like to drive a car/ ride a motorcycle alone (that used to be my way to de-stress myself), but I hate the fact that I won’t be able to stay productive if I have to drive a car wherever I go. I can just use the time to wear sunscreen, fix my hair & makeup, reply emails, eat my lunch, make business calls, etc. 

That’s also why I can’t force myself to take the mass transportation anymore; cuz I wouldn’t be able to do those things while I’m on an ojek, bus, or angkot. Lol. Plus, mass transport is also a waste of time (yes, time is also money). #weekend

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JBC Tee for Sale!

Available for sale. Ready size: S, M, L, other sizes are made based on request. All proceeds will be used to support our activities at Jakarta Book Club – to spread and “infect” people with the love of reading. We want to nurture a reading community and we aim to be 10x bigger than now. Today, we have nearly 1000 members and our monthly meetup is always full (limited to 40 ppl). We have been invited to join festivals, talkshow, radio talk, book reading, focus group discussion, and soon, podcast. In March, we will work with Lean In Circles to gather awesome female entrepreneurs on women’s day. In the third quarter of 2016, we will arrange a trip to UWRF together. So don’t miss it! Meetup page:

For the t-shirt, we have tried 3 vendors and this last one was so 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. The cotton is nicer than Gildan, the rubber print is not too thick and the color is so contrast. Pre-order now to #JBCmeetup #January #booklover

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Leave Me Alone, Telemarketers

Kelakuan staff outsourcenya Danamon, kemarin dan hari ini telp dengan nomor yg sama +62 21 290759999.
“Pagi ibu……, perkenalkan saya …. dari Bank Danamon ingin mengucapkan selamat karena ibu mendapatkan bonus penawaran berupa kartu yang….(penjelasan bertele-tele dan sengaja dibuat rumit dgn kata-kata “apabila”, “jika” sebagai syarat).
Saya: “Oh saya ngga tertar…” Tut tut tut. Telepon ditutup begitu saja dengan kasar.

Hari ini orangnya telepon lagi:
“Pagi ibu……, perkenalkan saya …. dari Bank Danamon…”
“Saya sudah ditawari berkali-kali, tiap hari dan tidak tertarik.”
“Ditawari apa, ibu?”
“Apapun itu, kartu kredit, KTA, asuransi, saya ngga butuh..”
“Saya bukan ingin menawarkan tp ibu dapat bonus berupa…”
“Ya sama saja, itu kartu kredit kan..”
“Kenapa ibu seperti ini sih”
“Lah, Anda kmrn telepon lalu nutup dengan kasar, sekarang nanya kenapa saya seperti ini, kan kurang ajar…” TUT TUT TUT.
Telp ditutup lagi dengan kasar.

Fitur yg saya suka dari #iPhone adalah “block this caller” (di kebanyakan Android phones ngga ada). Jadi saya akan block nomor td.

Ya, saya memang nabung di Danamon. Kmrn mantan sales staf/ relationship manager dari Danamon nelp buat bilang met thn baru & kalau dia pindah ke perusahaan sekuritas lokal.
“Tapi saya kan bawa semua database waktu di Danamon, jadi saya ingin menawarkan jg produk reksa dana ….. ke ibu.”

Watch out Danamon, this is strike 2.5. One more call & I will close my (passive) account. #January

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No More Sushi Tei for Me

 It’s better than Genki Sushi in Seattle – the tech, systems, and quality. I like it since you don’t need to wait to be served or desperately call the waiters just to order or refill your hot ocha. Price is slightly above Sushi Tei, but I would definitely opt for this (cuz Sushi Tei is often full and you have to wait for 15 mins just to get in). – at Genki Sushi Grand Indonesia

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