Cari Buku Import Murah?

Jakarta Book Club officially collaborates with BBW. The Big Bad Wolf books festival is a book sale event which is basically bringing books supply from Europe to Southeast Asia and slapping a huge discount on their price tags (30-60%). The books will come in a wide range of genres — fictions, non fictions, graphic novels, popular novels, etc.

It’s going to be the first BBW event in Jakarta, held from April 30 to May 8, 2016. Events normally starts from 11am-11pm, but there will be days when they are open for 24 hours. The location is at ICE, BSD City – Tangerang.

We’ll be giving away free passes to visit BBW Pre-opening (April 29) during the next JBC meetup on April 17, so don’t miss it.

Yes, we are officially meeting once a month, but we always have interesting sideline events for book lovers. #BBW2016 #BBWJakarta – at Indonesia Convention Exhibiton (ICE) BSD City

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