Nomz’s Salted Egg Yolk Lava Croissant… is it reaaaally that good?

The famous croissant from Nomz restaurant in Grand Indonesia (East mall, UG). It’s our favorite restaurant these days, beating Publik Markette which is located just across. These two restaurants are surely competing head-to-head, with similar menu and coffee treats.   

However, I gotta hand it to Nomz, because from time to time they seem to meet our expectations in service and food quality. Sorry Ismaya, you know that sometimes your food is just mediocre (cuz you’re depending too much on selling atmosphere)! Nomz has more variety of desserts (waaay better than Union) and gives free appetizers at the beginning of serving (like most fancy Italian restaurants in Jakarta). So, if you are having sweet tooth or only in town for a stint, don’t forget to drop by at this restaurant. It has even served dessert creation from Reynold Poernomo, the finalist of Master Chef Australia s7. 

Weekend is always a challenge to get a table at restaurants in Jakarta’s mega malls. The fastest way to reach this place is from Kempinski hotel lobby (you can find a tunnel goes to Grand Indonesia and, voila! The restaurant is located on the left side of the elevator).   



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