It’s Time for a Holiday

 I don’t go traveling because other people are doing it or for the sake of flying. I do it when I want to break boredom and to train myself to become a nomad one day. 

Being a nomad needs financial independence, so I have to work on it today. 

For now, I like the idea of taking a month break within a year to travel. These are the books I picked up during my last 5 weeks trips in the U.S.-South Korea. I like the experience and being in a new environment, but I dislike air turbulence, packing, boarding, waiting at the lounge, etc. 

I like spending hours in libraries and come back several times to the same library that I like. Maybe cuz we don’t have good libraries in Indonesia, or because I have a lot of spare time to read during vacation. Sometimes I missed touristy spots because I spent too much time at one library or book store. 

Up until this day, I still don’t know why I like books so much that I could instantly feel at home when I visit a library or book store. #bookworm #reading #traveldiary 


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