Hunting for Apartment (Cari Apartemen untuk Sewa)

I just got terrible news this weekend: I’m going to be evicted soon from my current place. That means I have to immidiately look for a new place to stay!!

So, now I’m considering few options in my hands. Kinda glad that the price of property for sale/ rent is slowing down this year. I have also been thinking about moving out to an apartment for a while now (to be able to host people, get rid of clutters, cook healthier meals, do morning jog, etc). But, now I’m super confused about finding a  good place within the city. Some of my considerations are:

1. Location, location, location (within <10 km from HI roundabout, have multiple access to SCBD, not heavily jammed on weekends, easy access to the airport/ KRL/ DAMRI bus stations).

2. Safe environment to have a walk (morning jog, walk to the main road, not near the slum area). Accessible by Uber, Grab, taxis, Gojek.

3. Near good hospitals, 24 hours clinic and specialist (living alone means you have to be able to transport yourself when you are sick or get food poisoned or injured without other assistance).

4. Good broadband internet access (both wired & wireless connection, so it should be on lower level). I work telecommute, so this is unnegotiable requirement.

5. Doesn’t break my wallet (should be no more than 100% increase from my current expense).

My options are very limited, and I need to make a decision within less than 2 months! Please pray for me. The last time I moved in and out of a building was around 2010, so I’ve created a strong bond with my current neighborhood for almost 6 years now!

It’s always sad to let go of things and start something over. Fortunately, this time I have enough emergency fund to make an annual rent etc. and could eliminate the boarding house option. This is a practice for me to take care my own apartment in the future.

So, any suggestions for me? Newer building (less than 5 years) with semi furnished interior would be greatly appreciated.

Central Jakarta

South Jakarta

West Jakarta


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