YOLO-FOMO Generation

We’re an anti-commitment generation. The restless YOLO-FOMO youth. The ones who are constantly seeking for the trip, the benefit, the discount, the privilege, the excitement, the scenery, the pictures, the videos, AND the friendship. The ones who don’t wanna say “yes”, but refuse to say “no”.

Well, I’d say we can’t have ’em all. When I am in Venice, I would take pics for 5 secs and then put the camera away to enjoy the gorgeous LIVE scenery in front of me. That moment you record for a bunch of friends and strangers is a moment you have taken away from yourself. 

If a friend invites you to be a part of his/her event, you don’t say, “I gotta check with my schedule, cuz my FRIEND is having *another event*.” It’s almost like saying, “Yea, I’ll see if I don’t have anything to do that day, then I’ll drop by.” Almost like saying he/she is not the first priority in one’s life, to that person’s face.

If you’re busy, just say “no”. It’s okay, no one needs to know your reason for not coming, moreover to know about a friend’s friend event. Lol. None of us is that important. #ponder #july


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