Single vs. Married

I started to understand why a counselor is better as a marriage person with husband/wife and kids. Single people cannot relate to married people and parents.
To be honest, I can’t sympathize with a mother who’s exhausted all the time, feel that her life is for her children, etc. As much as I want to understand, I still can’t. On the extreme side, married people think they know about single people because they were once single. 

Beauty Treatment in Surabaya vs Jakarta

Hair colour 400k.
Pedicure OPI 139k
Full body massage 130k
Total 669k

I’d say #Surabaya is not that much different than Jakarta when it comes to beauty treatment. But if you’re living outside the capital, you’ll feel the impact of the economic slowdown. The malls are filled with discounts for F&B, the travel fair is quiet, and the car sales are not even close to last year’s.

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Listening to Cleopatra by The Lumineers

Spotify is the best. Free home radio on my hut every single day. Really entertaining when I’m in this not so prime condition. Not sure if this fast heartbeat is only my feeling, or is it because of too much caffeine or is it because of hypertension or is it because of my toothache. Lightheaded for sure. #stilltuesday #ohnooo

Listening to Cleopatra by The Lumineers

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Foreign Language FTW

Some people talk more annoyingly loud(er) when they are using their language in a foreign country, somewhat forgetting that other ppl have ears too even though we don’t completely understand their “secret language”. Like these two Dutch guys. When they speak Indonesian, they speak in a normal audible tone, but suddenly like shouting when speaking in their foreign language. Lol. I surely hope I’m not like that when I’m in other countries. #weekend

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