Ready for Housewarming

Fridge is SUPER FULL with food! Overwhelming.. I thought the fridge is big, but apparently it’s not. LOL. I think it should be enough to feed a dozen people tomorrow. 

Have done trial & error on some snacks & dessert, but almost never ended up with an error. I always know I like to making food, especially baking. You can’t go wrong, cuz it’s very precise.

Writing it down in case I’m missing anything.

Made today: 

– 3L of sweet ice tea (less sugar, made from high-quality tea leaf, not from teh celup). Time to make: 1 hour, due to lack of capacity to make it in one go.

– Prepared ice cubes from 5 trays. 

– Homemade butter cheese popcorn (corn+ a pinch of salt+ a bit sugar+ pepper, then add high-quality butter and shake them in a ziplock bag). Time to make: 4 mins. Taste better & healthier than the expensive popcorn sold in supermarket. Hmm, I will experiment with sweet popcorn next time!

– Yogurt pudding. Like the konyaku, this one is also very easy to make (700 ml water + 200 gr sugar). Time to make: 1/2 hour. Leave outside till cool down for 3 hours before putting it in the fridge. Avoid putting hot/ warm things into the refrigerator will save your electricity bill!

Total cost for these three items are very cheap, but able to make people happy.

– Will make lemon mint infused water tomorrow

The expensive stuff are: 

– Brie cheese (Rp 120k for a slice)

– Apple juice (Rp 36k per pack)

– Seedless grapes (Rp 60k per pack)

– Smoked beef (Rp 99k for 3 packs)

– Lettuce (Rp 35k).. Geesh

– the main dish (shabu-shabu, sandwich)

The snacks: banana chips, corn chips, cheese chips, honey roasted peanuts, cheeseballs, cheese roll, crackers & cheese

The appetizer: salads, dried sun tomato focassia bread.

Entertaining people at home is not a familiar concept in Indonesia, even in Jakarta. But, almost all my foreigner friends have done it, and smoothly! Here, people tend to go out & spread $$$ in a restaurant. I think it’s a good way to catching up with friend & also to train myself to be more organized and think about other people (instead of just feeding myself, for example). I believe everyone should practice give and take, for a balanced life. 

Hope the guests will enjoy it. The glass painting will be fun, too. #july #saturday

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