Ready for Housewarming

Fridge is SUPER FULL with food! Overwhelming.. I thought the fridge is big, but apparently it’s not. LOL. I think it should be enough to feed a dozen people tomorrow. 

Have done trial & error on some snacks & dessert, but almost never ended up with an error. I always know I like to making food, especially baking. You can’t go wrong, cuz it’s very precise.

Writing it down in case I’m missing anything.

Made today: 

– 3L of sweet ice tea (less sugar, made from high-quality tea leaf, not from teh celup). Time to make: 1 hour, due to lack of capacity to make it in one go.

– Prepared ice cubes from 5 trays. 

– Homemade butter cheese popcorn (corn+ a pinch of salt+ a bit sugar+ pepper, then add high-quality butter and shake them in a ziplock bag). Time to make: 4 mins. Taste better & healthier than the expensive popcorn sold in supermarket. Hmm, I will experiment with sweet popcorn next time!

– Yogurt pudding. Like the konyaku, this one is also very easy to make (700 ml water + 200 gr sugar). Time to make: 1/2 hour. Leave outside till cool down for 3 hours before putting it in the fridge. Avoid putting hot/ warm things into the refrigerator will save your electricity bill!

Total cost for these three items are very cheap, but able to make people happy.

– Will make lemon mint infused water tomorrow

The expensive stuff are: 

– Brie cheese (Rp 120k for a slice)

– Apple juice (Rp 36k per pack)

– Seedless grapes (Rp 60k per pack)

– Smoked beef (Rp 99k for 3 packs)

– Lettuce (Rp 35k).. Geesh

– the main dish (shabu-shabu, sandwich)

The snacks: banana chips, corn chips, cheese chips, honey roasted peanuts, cheeseballs, cheese roll, crackers & cheese

The appetizer: salads, dried sun tomato focassia bread.

Entertaining people at home is not a familiar concept in Indonesia, even in Jakarta. But, almost all my foreigner friends have done it, and smoothly! Here, people tend to go out & spread $$$ in a restaurant. I think it’s a good way to catching up with friend & also to train myself to be more organized and think about other people (instead of just feeding myself, for example). I believe everyone should practice give and take, for a balanced life. 

Hope the guests will enjoy it. The glass painting will be fun, too. #july #saturday

YOLO-FOMO Generation

We’re an anti-commitment generation. The restless YOLO-FOMO youth. The ones who are constantly seeking for the trip, the benefit, the discount, the privilege, the excitement, the scenery, the pictures, the videos, AND the friendship. The ones who don’t wanna say “yes”, but refuse to say “no”.

Well, I’d say we can’t have ’em all. When I am in Venice, I would take pics for 5 secs and then put the camera away to enjoy the gorgeous LIVE scenery in front of me. That moment you record for a bunch of friends and strangers is a moment you have taken away from yourself. 

If a friend invites you to be a part of his/her event, you don’t say, “I gotta check with my schedule, cuz my FRIEND is having *another event*.” It’s almost like saying, “Yea, I’ll see if I don’t have anything to do that day, then I’ll drop by.” Almost like saying he/she is not the first priority in one’s life, to that person’s face.

If you’re busy, just say “no”. It’s okay, no one needs to know your reason for not coming, moreover to know about a friend’s friend event. Lol. None of us is that important. #ponder #july


How do you know you’ve become an adult? First, when you start paying mortgage and moving out of parents’ house. Second, when you think less about shopping for shoes and clothes (cuz you know you have enough of those quality stuff that you want) and start thinking of your kitchen and balcony. Lol. 

Can you become an adult when living with parents? I’d say no, especially if you’re in Asia & both parents are still live happy and healthy together. Cuz you’ll depend on them all the time (without realizing it) or they won’t give you the freedom & privacy you need. For example, my dad would still refuel my tank, check my tires, pack things that I want to bring with me out of town, my mom would make me coffee in the morning, turn off the lights at night if I were too tired & fell asleep. I mean those things are great and I love being with my family, but being with them 24 hours is not going to train me to live on my own 😀

Like today, I found out that I need to have a set of tools (not just screwdriver set, scissors, flashlight, good knife, but also monkey wrench) for all kinds of DIY things like this: assembling chairs & table! 😀

Hora & Marius are another classic dirt cheap collection from Ikea that have been bought & modified by many people around the world *happily clicking on Pinterest* #july #ikea

At the Airport

Nunggu bagasi cuma 10 mnt. Pas keluar WC udah jalan beltnya. Tip: minta tag FRAGILE kalau mau lbh cepet, krn barang2 fragile ditaruh di atas. Tp krn tas gw gede, jadinya tetep ditaruh agak bawah.
Bedanya Batik air & GA, kl ini handling tasnya lebih halus (kl di batik banyak tas yg jadi kotor & rusak), dan beltnya ngga rebutan (kl batik beltnya bisa gabung ama 1-2 flightnya Lion. #Monday – at Terminal 2F

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