Long-anticipated Money

Got a payment by an agency stuck for 6 months because of internal reasons. First, email, email and email reminders. Second, send WA and call. Third, send email with next step action plan. Fourth, cc email to client. Fifth, got client replied and dealt with it. A week after: payment received. Blacklisted the agency in my head.

Got my emoney card broken and unusable after 1-3 uses. My money got stuck in the card. Went to the nearest bank branch at Lotte and filed a complaint in June. Never got any updates or credit back in my account. First, went back in August to Lotte branch and followed up. No luck. Second, called the bank to follow-up again. Third, visited the Lotte branch for the 2nd time. Was promised a phone call and a follow-up by a very polite and friendly old CS staff (but she never did). I made a conclusion that she was giving BS. Fourth, went to GI branch where I got the card & complained. A young and energetic staff Rina took 2 phone calls to Lotte branch for me (and gave me water while I was waiting & playing Pokemon). She promised to take the issue and called me for an update. I told Rina that the old staff was probably not tech savvy. Two days after: Rina called me but went unanswered. She called again the next day to say that the money had been credited back into my account.

Moral of the story: 1.) When it comes to money, you gotta strive for it. Even if it’s just Rp 437,500! 2.) Don’t go to a small bank administration branch to get serious things done. 3.) Oh, and ask full payment in advance when working with a new start-up company. 4.) There is always a solution for everything. ðŸ˜Œ #TGIF


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