My Weekend Thoughts

By 18 you want to move out of your parents’ house, by 21 you want to date as many guys as possible, by 25 you think you want to travel the world, by 28 you think you want to buy a house and settle down, by 30 you THINK you already now all types of guys. Lol, the truth is, the memories you had when you were 18-27 will stay in your subconscious mind. Something that will last and be recognized as “the youth”. Or what people often say, “When I was young…” 😄

Well, I think life after 30 is even much better because you know what you want and you don’t really care about what people think. If by this age, you are still in the “searching soul” and care too much about pleasing others, there is something you haven’t fulfilled in the past. Go past it, and you’ll become a stronger person.

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