Hostel vs Airbnb

Who needs @airbnb when there are plenty of cosy, warm, hostels that would welcome all-year-round and make you feel at home. No frills, 24/7 secured access, easy payment, no hidden costs, and definite locations. Since becoming a hostel fan, I have never thought of booking #airbnb, mainly because:

1. Its price is similar if not more expensive than hotels.

2. It’s subject to the owner’s acceptance and terms (so it could be highly subjective, if not racist or sexist)

3. It never shows us the exact location when we’re booking accommodation. Usually, the locations are at residences and far from public transport

4. It’s highly overrated & commercialized.

This warm hostel in #bangkok, for example, has an open space that reminds me of my compact apartment, but with the additional wooden flooring that I really want someday. I can watch cable TV, DVD, make lunch, play computer, cards, etc., write or just read a book. It even has a nice café downstairs that makes a cup of good coffee for less than 25k rupiah (60 baht).
#traveljournal #asiantrip #solotravel


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