Come visit Jakarta Book Club booth next weekend if you are in town. We’re gonna have games, book reading, book swap and mingle with some other book lover communities. Don’t miss the chance to win an autographed copy of “The Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling and other books!

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This anti-itch cream is effective indeed. It’s no news that my skin is sensitive/allergic to sulfa, grass, insect bites, cold, sun exposure and carpets, especially in the leg area.

2 months before my US trip, I had a tiny insect bite on my left shin. It was small but itchy, so I tend to scratch it automatically when I’m wearing tight jeans or in my sleep. Within a few days, it got worsen. The itch had become wider and it formed several spots like pores. I hated it so much, but didn’t have time to go to the doctor.

I ended up buying minyak tawon, betadine, garamicin, hydrocortisone 1% from the pharmacy and treated the itch myself. No actual result achieved, cuz the symptoms cleared up but returned within a few days if I felt stressed out or not in a happy mood. Weird, but allergy/ skin condition is also influenced by your stress level (according to my previous shinse/ specialists who treated my allergy when I was young). This includes eczema or acnes.

So, the itch became reaaaally bad when I was in the US, since the weather is cold and dry, and I had to wear tight leggings/ stockings every day. At some points the 3 cm pores bled when I scratched the itchy skin. I went to Target (so love the place, hehe, that I went to 4 different Target stores throughout my trip) and bought this cream.

I used it upon my return in Jakarta, and within 2 days the itch was gone, the pores are healed and the symptoms didn’t come back. Thank God for the healing, of course. Aveeno is a good daily treatment brand, like some friends say, maybe cuz it’s a division of J&J. I just hope I can find it here along with Boots no7 and Neutrogena skin care. #random

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My Fave Instant Coffee: Kopi Papi

Coffee is a personal taste. I have to admit that my tongue is used to a certain flavor of coffee, could be 100% arabica or blends. Indonesia is familiar with arabica coffee and its sugary taste. That’s why I don’t usually drink “2 in 1”, “3 in 1”, or worse, “4 in 1” coffee in sachets. They have no impact on me, except that I will accumulate lots of sugar if I continue to drink them on regular basis.

However, I have been stocking this ready-made coffee drink for months. I really like this brand cuz it’s not just trying to impress hipsters with their “cold brew in mini glass bottle” over-the-top bullshit, but it simply creates good mix of coffee, steamed milk and creamer. Plus, they sell it at a very affordable price, 15k each. Have met the maker once & I hope they’ll keep on selling coffee for its quality (and maybe add the “less sugar” variant) #coffeeholic #coffee #weekend

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Naik Uber lupa kalau ada 3 in 1. Akhirnya drivernya nawarin 50-50 bayar joki. Haiyo, joki 20rb + bau sepanjang jalan. Ini bukan menghina, tapi memang kenyataan. Jarang kan joki yg wangi dan rapi. Secara personal, ide joki saya juga tidak suka, krn ngga kurangi macet. Jadi hari ini saya jadi yg ikut bikin Jakarta tambah macet :/

Anyways, Uber di Indonesia belum mapan kayak di Amrik, akibatnya penumpang sering mesti nunggu lama, telepon-teleponan, kirim sms, dsb, supaya bisa dijemput di tempat. Di Amrik, mereka tinggal pasang GPS dan tunggu semenit langsung dijemput di depan lobi/ pagar, asalkan kita kasih directionnya bener. #random

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Don’t be afraid to meet new people, even if they are strangers in the street or someone who passed away a smile to you or gave an inspiring talk at an event. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Being rejected or ignored? Just go with it and move on. It’s still far better than following and stalking people on Instagram or wishing to have a better life than those who posted their pics on Facebook. Go out, and be discovered. #random

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Throwback with Ibu <3

Found this while I’m storing my big luggage. Lol, ibu and I played the flight simulator at Museum of Flight. I was the pilot, she was the gunner. The mission was to shoot down enemies and not to crash. In the next 15 mins, we were screaming and giggling, while trying to hit the targets and mostly upside down cuz I was such a bad pilot. Scary for sure!! 😆 #throwback

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