In the Mood for Nothing

Feeling tired a week before I’m actually getting older. I always feel moody when Christmas and birthday are about to come near… Hosting an event was ok yesterday, but didn’t quite enjoy it like before. Too much cleaning and putting up energy. Will never serve fried chicken again. Wine is also not a good idea cuz it might stain the desk/ floor. Pizza and chips are enough. 

So, today I missed everything; church, gym, game time, etc. Just like I missed a lot of things on Friday. And then the rain falls. And when that happens, the blues kick in. I hated myself for not being able to make priorities, for missing important things because of a hobby. So, I will refrain, relax, take a step back and remember to have fun. Maybe nx time we’ll just go to a restaurant, so we don’t have to clean up!

Thank God I found this picture, which reminds me that I’ll be home soon to meet my lovely family. They are not flawless, just like myself, but they are the best gift that God has ever given to me.

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