Welcome to Indonesia, Hooq, the Land of Pirated Goods. Are you Smarter than Netflix?

Hooq finally launched in Indonesia. Rp 49k a month, cheaper than Netflix, with more local content like Indonesian movies and old TV shows like Warkop DKI, AADC, but without original production like Netflix. With Hooq, you can download the film and watch it offline, so it won’t eat up your bandwidth. Which one would you pick? #hooqtv #netflix #streamingTV – at Potato Head Garage

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Why I Love Jakarta Book Club

Why and how people like Jakarta Book Club, as quoted from them:
“Jakarta book club really makes my world ‘smaller’. I get to meet people who know someone I know from high school, college, or work.”

“Without this kind of book club, how else we are going to get new friends? With our current busyness and pace of life, it’s really difficult to meet people outside our circle.”

“This book club forces me to read books outside my ‘comfort zone’.”

“I could discuss weird and complicated subjects from a book with other people.”

Our next JBC meetup has 55+ RSVP, probably 35 will come (cuz that’s the max limit of access card). Eventually, we will need our own library. #dream

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Hang Out with JBC Friends & Big Bad Wolf Team

Weekend with the JBC gank. After meeting the Big Bad Wolf team, we drove to frenchie for lunch. Got to know them better; 2 auditors, 1 graphic designer, 1 college musician, 1 travel startup employee, and myself. Suddenly we talked about where we would be 10 years from now… Will we still be reading books together? Who will manage the club, etc… 

I think the club should have an apprentice in the next few years. But, in terms of books, I think the older we get, the more we’d benefit from this kind of friendship/ gathering. We will always be readers, only the books would “grow” adjusting to our age.

Big Bad Wolf books sale is going to be held at ICE, BSD City, from April 30 to May 8. On weekends & holidays, they will be open 24 hours. The cheapest price tag for a book is Rp 40,000, while the most expensive one is priced at Rp 250,000. #BBWJakarta #booksale

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Cari Buku Import Murah?

Jakarta Book Club officially collaborates with BBW. The Big Bad Wolf books festival is a book sale event which is basically bringing books supply from Europe to Southeast Asia and slapping a huge discount on their price tags (30-60%). The books will come in a wide range of genres — fictions, non fictions, graphic novels, popular novels, etc.

It’s going to be the first BBW event in Jakarta, held from April 30 to May 8, 2016. Events normally starts from 11am-11pm, but there will be days when they are open for 24 hours. The location is at ICE, BSD City – Tangerang.

We’ll be giving away free passes to visit BBW Pre-opening (April 29) during the next JBC meetup on April 17, so don’t miss it. http://meetu.ps/e/Bs1HW/sTxXb/a

Yes, we are officially meeting once a month, but we always have interesting sideline events for book lovers. #BBW2016 #BBWJakarta – at Indonesia Convention Exhibiton (ICE) BSD City

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Three Book Samples from BBW

Three samples of interesting books that you would find at Big Bad Wolf Book Festival @bbwbooks_id festival. This full-week #booksale is basically bringing oversupply imported books from the developed countries into the Southeast Asian market. Rp 50k-Rp 60k price tag for a €15-24 book.

Out of 3 million+ books, surely one or two would find their ways into your bookshelf. April 30- May 8. Don’t miss it!

#letsread #komunitasbaca #bookish #booksale #booklovers #bbw2016 #jakarta cc @bigbadwolfbooks – at International Convention Exhibition (ICE) – BSD

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Netflix, I’m Giving You a Year to Add More Stuff (in Indonesia)

Haven’t visited for 2 weeks and #Netflix just got more interesting! More TV SHOWS, like Tudor, Sherlock, Planet Earth, Doctor Who,Top Gear, etc, reality shows like Terrace House (Asian version of Big Brother, I think), etc. Yeeaay!
(And don’t tell me, “But you can get them from torrent. Well, last time I checked, stealing is still a crime & sin, so don’t be so proud about doing it consistently 🙂 )

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