Thank you, Big Bad Wolf! BBW Jakarta is Extended until May 9

I received this limited edition item from Big Bad Wolf today. Like in an international soccer game, Jakarta Book Club swapped T-SHIRT with the Big Bad Wolf founder/ committee 😄

This means JBC shirt will go to Malaysia for the first time! Thanks to awesome design by Dina Sandika. “Take time to read” is JBC tagline that I created back in 2010.

Have been spending 2 out of 4 long-weekend holidays with Jakarta Book Club friends. We played cards & board games, stayed over at BSD, went to BBW midnight shopping, got interviewed by an English language magazine. Tired, but super glad that we had 2 fruitful days. I also managed to meet 2 good ol’ buddies between the busy schedules.

Can’t wait to collaborate with BBW again next year. Thank you, #bbwjkt


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