Insomnia diary. At first, an idea to create a book club grew in my mind while I was having a chat with a bunch of supportive friends at Mal Taman Anggrek food court, in 2010.
Since then, I always remember details, including the expression and reactions I received from ppl when I told them about a book club.
At first, I always share the existence of the book club with so much enthusiasm. I kept encouraging MY friends to come, join the gatherings, mingle with the group, etc.

To my surprise, many supports came from strangers, and not so much from close friends. I got some awkward smiles, some cringe, if not finding an excuse to pass. Even a few friends (whom I know like to read) choose not to join the book club. I don’t know why some ppl hv a weird concept in their head about a book club; like it’s something foreign or boring or lame.
So, after a while I stopped telling people I know about the book club. I figured this is a highway that I want to take, and I’m not going to stop just because I found roadblocks along the way. But, I’m not going to look for roadblock, cuz it might crush my spirit.

Well, since we’ve refreshed the book club in 2014, I’ve learned a lot from this event and I get updated on many book-related things. I get to know more authors whose names are not commonly known. If I’ve read 700+ books in my teen years, now I’m familiar with like 1000 books. The participants are also growing steadily from time to time.
The bottomline is: a good brand doesn’t need to advertise too hard. Those who are interested to join will join, while those who aren’t interested wouldn’t come anyway.

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