Meeting my childhood friend at this hipster Melborne-based coffee shop, ST.ALi. As you can see, the owner of Common Grounds and his staff are working there all day (he has a unique look which is hard to forget, and the aprons are quite similar with Common Grounds, too). Did he buy the franchise? If so, I think Common Grounds is definitely a better breed.
ST.ALi coffee is just ok, not spectacular or anything… (but we already know that) and the place isn’t exactly nice for a place to catching up with your buddies for hours. It only provides few power outlets, and they are using high-ceiling concept with natural breeze (which is a bad bad idea in a hot afternoon). Well, Jakarta is definitely not Melbourne… We need air con! Lol.

I like the cold white coffee though. Quite unique and it costs 38k. No free infused water like in Giyanti & Tanamera, so you must buy the imported mineral water for 34k. #STALi #TGIF

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