Living Not to Impress

When you live like you don’t care about the expected lifestyle or what other people think, you’ll stand out. It’s lonely, and easily misunderstood by most people.

Thus, always remember them who are always with you through your easy and difficult times.

Do they take advantage of your easy life?
Do they stay away from you when you’re in a difficulty?
Do they treat you the same when you’re in a high position or stripped off from your privileges in life?

I think, one doesn’t need to know people very long to determine their characters, but after 2 years you’ll get through all seasons twice and know a person better. 

After 5 years, you’ll realize how they’re important to you or not.

After 8+ years, if you’re still keep in touch on a regular basis, you will miss them when they’re away and you know you’ve found a best friend. #weekendthoughts

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