Have You Asked Questions on Quora?


It’s been years since I registered on Quora, yet I just had the right time and mood to finally contribute answers in it.

The first question I answered was related to copywriting. It felt kinda nice to get some upvotes, doesn’t it? So, I tried to answer the second question when someone requested it. It’s kinda fun! Now I think I’m gonna do it more often, just like blogging…

Here are some of my first answers in Quora. Let me know your experience with the site, too 🙂

What does a good copywriter do?

A copywriter is a creative job best found in advertising agencies. In order to become a good copywriter, a person needs to develop few years of experience in writing for different outputs/ platforms.

For example, when I started my career as a copywriter, I have already had a writing portfolio because I regularly published short stories in local newspapers. As the years go by, my experience evolved from doing proofreads, writing product descriptions, creating taglines for print ads and TVCs, develop VO scripts for radio ads, to creating a concept for an entire campaign together with an art director partner under the supervision of a creative director. You will move up and become a creative director typically within 5–8 years.

It is better to build your career once you are graduated because there will be many competitions seeking for young talented creative copywriters. If within 1–3 years you did not win any competitions or advertising awards or get approached by big agencies, maybe you need to step up your game. Build your presentation and foreign language skills, especially if English is not your native language. Once you win a local award, try submitting your work to an international award. It is hard to measure if someone is really good at copywriting unless at some point he or she wins an award or recognition for it.

Where can I find a funny copywriter for chatbots?

Finding a funny copywriter is a tough job, most probably you wouldn’t find one in big agencies. Try hiring a scriptwriter whose previous gigs include a variety show or comedy series. Another option is to spot a fresh YouTuber talent/ video blogger on the internet. This person may not have a writing skill, but you can easily send the raw material to a copy editor for minor grammatical tweaks.

What are some things on which most people unnecessarily spend a lot of money?

  • Apple (iOS) products (worse specifications, much higher prices)
  • Bottled water (one can just use a permanent filter or put ice in tap water for drinking)
  • Lululemon/ branded yoga attire (we just buy at Target or Aeropostale – much cheaper)
  • Business class or first class flight (you can use miles to upgrade your flight. Miles are accumulated from flights on the same alliance partners, hotel partners, and travel credit cards).
  • Owning a car (you can use Uber and save up on gas, parking, maintenance, insurance, and your time!).

How do I deal with a girl that wants to be my girlfriend but I’m not interested?

I’m a girl and I know how it sucks not to hearing the truth but keep expecting things that would never happen. If the girl has verbally expressed her feelings to you, then you gotta tell her the truth: you consider her as a friend and you want to stay that way. However, if you think this girl has potentials in the future and you still want to open your way to having a relationship with her, ask her out on a date and see how it goes. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us. The moment we want to see the best in someone, we will be able to see it!

However, if you think this girl has potentials in the future and you still want to open your way to having a relationship with her, ask her out on a date and see how it goes. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us. The moment we want to see the best in someone, we will be able to see it!

If the girl hasn’t said anything to you… well, I think you’re just too full of yourself. She probably doesn’t fancy you that much. Girls are manipulative, sometimes we make guys think that we like them just so we could get what we want (e.g. getting a car ride home, helping with projects, buying lunch, etc.). Lol. Don’t fall into it 😉

How do I convince my Indonesian parents that girls can solo travel?

My big sister and I are both solo travelers and we came from a rather close-minded family. Although we are ten years apart, both of us become very independent and have lived away from our family for many years.

Here are some tips for you to consider:

  1. Moving out of your parents’ house. Personally, I think this is the most important decision I’ve ever made in my life. I know from a very young age that I want to move out and live by myself (like most young adults in Western countries). By the time I was 19, I have got myself two part-time jobs which I secured without my parent’s permission in the beginning. After a few months, they started noticing that I came home late every day, so when they finally asked, I told them that I’ve already got paid for doing a website design and some teaching jobs. By the time I was 21, I secured a full-time job in a bigger city, left my hometown and lived by myself (but I wasn’t scared at all because I’ve already had some experience working with other people). It was hard at first, but you’ll get used to it.
  2. Once I live by myself, I don’t need to ask money or permission from my parents. However, solo travel takes more than money and guts, you have to do proper research prior to your departure. The first country I visited alone was India, so it wasn’t as organized as Singapore or Hong Kong — for example. This experience has given me more courage to go to other more developed countries. Most of the times, I don’t tell my parents where I am going, but I will leave some notes at my place and tell my siblings about it. They would be able to detect my journey through Facebook and my other social media.
  3. When you have traveled to 1–2 foreign countries by yourself, share those experiences with your parents by showing them the beautiful pictures you’ve captured from your journey. By doing that, they would be reminded that you’re a responsible adult who knows perfectly how to take care of yourself.
  4. So far I’ve had traveled alone to 10+ countries, including India, Australia, Turkey, Korea, France, Spain, U.S.A., and Ireland. Nothing bad had ever happened to me, and believe me when I say this: you will find many good people who will help you on your journey. By traveling like this, I get to meet more local friends and realize that the world is not as bad as the news often describe to us.

If you’ve never spent time browsing on the site or ask/ answer anything, well, I think it is a bit like an acquired taste. I guess I just recently found my joy contributing and reading this site after I actually listed down all categories that I’m interested in and subscribed to their newsletter. Interested? You can follow my Quora here.




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