Tomorrow is Another Day

I sat down and had a cup of coffee

I talked to you and you were there

This is how we always do it since I could ever remember

I stared at the cloudy sky and waited for the rain. I have always loved the rain.

I said I was tired. I knew you understood.

I said this is all I am and I have nothing more to give

I cannot breath sometimes

It is too hard to speak, yet too easy to sleep on it

You listened, even though I sometime don’t

This is how I pray. I don’t need other people to tell me about what is the right thing to do when communicating with God. It is such a personal experience that I doubt everyone would understand.

That’s okay. Today I might have cried or failed, but tomorrow I’ll come back stronger than ever. As long as I know he is there with me 🙂

How Airports Extort Money from Us #1


Everything sold at an airport is bloody expensive. If you’d ever wondered how much they mark prices up, well, it could be 200% or more. No kidding. 

See some examples of prices at Juanda international airport in Surabaya:

Bogasari milkfish is priced based on weight: Rp 70,000-Rp 100,000

Coconut flakes (srundeng): Rp 30,000

Regular crackers (krupuk) Rp 30,000-Rp 85,000

This sh*tty overlysweet coffee is Rp 24,000, taken straight from that icky cheap Nescafe #coffee machine often found at 7-Eleven or Circle K 🙄 

… but I’d still prefer this place over Starbucks (coffee priced Rp 60,000 and up) because they are less crowded & has plenty of power outlets! 

Tip: If you want to spend more than an hour of waiting for eating & drinking, just head to the nearest lounge. They only charge Rp 150,000 per person (but of course it’s free for some Indonesia’s bank credit card holders). #juanda #surabaya #TGIF #airport #travel