Mentorship in My Head

Pick a good, honorable mentor (or two or three). I can’t say enough of this. Even though you are not actually trying to copy that person, there will be some things you pick up along the way because of the frequency & intensity of your encounter with the person, e.g. how to talk, how to dress, how to express oneself, how to respond other people, etc…

If the person is good, you’d likely to want to become a better person. If the person is bad, then… 🙄

I’m not saying you need to look for perfection. There isn’t any in this world, including you and I. But you’ll learn to accept the person like he or she accepted you, and filter out the things you don’t like/ agree with. And most likely, that person also has something he or she admires about you (that’s how you got connected in the beginning).

Some things I learned from my mentor(s): how to generous to other people (offer a meal together, give the best food we have to be shared. It didn’t come naturally to me, but now I know that I’m getting there), how to put others’ need above oneself, how to buy things that are not cheap but more long-lasting, how to be a good sport, how to not take yourself too seriously… and many more.

Today I am humbled to remember these. I appreciated everyone who saw good in me & then pushed and encouraged me to become a better person. If you haven’t found a mentor, build your connection & be brave enough to ask for someone’s guide. Sometimes, it only takes a few phone calls or heartwarming emails and a willingness to make it happen!

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