Downtime After Yoga on Yamhill

Awesome yoga practice with Shawn @Yoga on Yamhill. I chose to attend several yoga classes while in town. Had to miss another visit to Apple Store & Powell’s tonight, but totally happy today. 

Portland is such a livable city. I even dropped by at Lululemon, some food truck, tried good coffee, doughnuts, and still managed to end my day with awesome vinyasa practice. 

Shawn is such a humble teacher who lifted our spirit. We met outside the class earlier before class cuz I asked direction while he was doing some stretching in front of the building. Take care and wish you all the best! #portland #oregon #usatrip #yogi #solotravel

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Nike Factory Outlet in the Outskirts of Portland

The trip to Nike factory outlet was worth it if you really like sports or are looking for some things. Prices can be half-priced than the prices in regular stores, especially if the box is torn. Plus, in Portland there’s no sales tax. #portland #oregon #usatrip #nike #solotravel

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