Weird Things at Seattle Public Library

An interesting scene at the library: A chinese guy (over 30) chased by a security guard. “Sir, you can’t go inside,” The guy walked in anyway. “Ok, I’m gonna have to get you then” The guy walked back to the entrance and was cursing something. “You cannot curse in here” “Yes, I can. F*ck you!!” he pointed his finger and walked out the door. 

A lady who sat at the cafe with me explained the situation to me, “That guy is banned,” “What did he do?” I asked. “I don’t know, but apparently you can’t curse here,” she said. Then she kept me entertained for the next 15 minutes by telling her project as a “landscape artist”. She showed me her design and said that she’s going to sell the copy for $40 tomorrow. Lol. 

So, a public library is also full with ppl who has not enough money to go to a coworking space or fancy place 🙂 #seattlepubliclibrary #washington #usatrip #solotravel

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Reading room @Seattle Public Library. If we have a place like this in Jakarta, I would definitely come visit several times a week. Decent seats and tables, quiet room, 25 Mbps internet speed, surrounded by millions of books and magnificent view with high transparent ceiling. Opened to the public in May 2004, designed by Rem Koolhaas & Joshua Prince-Camus. If you’re hungry, there is a cafe at the lobby + tons of Starbucks scattered around downtown (there are 1200+ coffee shops in Seattle & 1/3 of them are Starbucks)… Man, this place is so much better than NYPL. Bravo, Seattle. I absolutely love it! #seattle #usatrip #booklover #library

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Traveling keeps you alert and humble, knowing that you’re just a tiny dust in this universe. And that they are so many awesome, talented, kind and wonderful people in the world. You are also great in your own way.
Got an fb message from a friend, “Sis, are you still in the US?” (Bad feeling, cuz this person has never even whatsapp me)
“Yes, pa kabar…?”
“Baik. Sis, aku boleh ngga titip …..? Di walmart ada kok, kutransfer uangnya.” (to the point)
Me: (I knew it)
Don’t worry, I’m not so much like many Indonesians who is sungkan to say no. Hehehehe.
After I said sorry I don’t go to walmart, she only said, “Oh ok, sis.”

Not even a thank you or whatever. That’s, my friend, an indonesian friend who has never travelled abroad. She doesn’t even know where I am and how far Walmart is from my place and what kinds of stuff being sold there. The product she wants is more than $35. I had so many cases when someone nitip something, but never take the stuff from me. I ended up with the stuff I don’t need or want (and burnt my money), e.g. books, etc.

My fellow traveler friends or foreigners rarely nitip whenever I’m away, cuz they know how hard it is to make time to buy something for someone, with the liability that if the thing breaks, you will not get paid. With no extra delivery/ transportation/ tip fee. For example, it takes $5 to reach the store. Of course, that friend in Indonesia will not care 🙂

So, next time you want to nitip, think about it carefully. If the person himself/ herself offers, then it’s fine. I usually give money in advance before the person is going (in the currency she/he uses there). #usatrip #solotravel

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