11 Months of Working. 1 Month of Traveling 

Some questions. Are you moving to the US. Where do you work now. How can you take a long holiday from work. Do you always travel alone.

I’m now used to it. I don’t get upset or bothered anymore. Because when I’m traveling I’m being a third person. I don’t let things get to me or brake me down. I see things from afar and eliminate all my past and future. I just live for the present. I can act like a naive or savvy tourists. I let ppl tell me the things that I might already know. Who I am as a person in my city is not relevant anymore; my job, my knowledge, my family, my background, my education, etc. What really matters is who you are a person. #solotravel #usatrip

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Weekend at Hilton Bellevue 

Hilton is still one of the biggest hotel chains in the US. It has big and bright rooms, with glass door toward the balcony. So, like in movies, you can actually open the door and climb into someone else’s balcony. #bellevue #washington #usatrip #solotravel

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USB Everywhere

A new finding in the last 2 hotels that I’ve stayed in, in the US. The bedside lamps have power outlets and usb port. Another finding is that I need to improve my English pronunciation a lot. I tend to mumble when I talk. “Class” sounds like “glass”, “sa’men” not “salmen”, “bell-view” not “bell-a-view”, say “you’re welcome” when ppl say thank you, apologize when you bump someone or cut/ enter their private space, say “take-wee-la” not “tequila” for tukwila, and many other things.

After a few weeks, ppl expect more from you. You have to blend with the locals and know better. I do learn a lot, 5 weeks holiday is more like a living experience. Nx time I go to these cities, I won’t be a stranger anymore.

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Lately I often forget where I put stuff. For example my toothpaste, my delicates, etc. Luckily I always put an extra pair of toothpaste & tooth brush. Trust me, they will come handy! #solotravel #usatrip

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