Dogs are Not for Show

Meet Biu Biu, the resident dog whose pictures are placed around the elevators and mall to promote the WTF dog café. He looked tired and just want to find someone’s lap to sleep. He was the friendliest dog there, though, he even made the time to say hi to every new human friend that walked into the cafe. – at Bugis+

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Visiting Cat and Dog Café in Singapore- part 1b

And then we visited the dog café. They charged $12.5 for two hours on weekends and had 7 dogs playing around. Some of them were very tired and stressed out (sleeping in the locker). The shop attendants were ok, not too friendly as they were chatting with their own friends.

This is going to be the last time I visit a dog’s café or whatever. Felt bad exploiting them. #dogcafe #weekend – at We’re The Furballs

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