“No More Excuse, Young Lady!”

Gym room is right next to the room! What other excuses that I have for not working out? Lol.

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Visiting Cat and Dog Café in Singapore- part 2

Meet Coon, the oldest resident cat at Meomi cat café. She likes to sleep a lot, apparently, and she is the cougar in the pack with a boyfriend, Mario, who regularly licks her face every morning. Lol.

We accidentally found this café when looking for a dessert shop and got in for 1.5 hours. The owners are a young Malay/Chinese couple who likes to chat and treat the visitors like friends. “Are you from Jakarta? We had this wallpaper drawn by two Indonesian from Medan and Surabaya. I think you have a lot of talented designers.” #catcafe #weekendisover #june – at Meomi Cat Café

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