Long Live Independent Bookstores

Excellent service from Powell’s bookstore. I come here every night to read after all other stores and supermarkets are already closed. It opens till 11pm. Today I finally made time to search for some books for Jakarta Book Club friends, but couldn’t find any of them on the customer’s self-finder computer. So I went to the information desk and asked. The staff said not all of the books that I found online are available in store. Then he suggested me to make an online order and gave me a free shipping coupon. When I was about to pay (2 hours later), I went to the cashier and had little chat with a female staff. As I was paying, I told her that I couldn’t find some books. She apologized and said, “I can give you a discount for your purchase today!” So she gave me 10% discount on my total spending. I did leave a bit disappointed, but they have taken extra miles to make sure I’ll come back for more. Well, in the US anyone can easily buy new/old books online, so I guess bookstores really need to keep their customer happy. #powells #portland #bookstore #booklover #usatrip

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