Weird Things at Seattle Public Library

An interesting scene at the library: A chinese guy (over 30) chased by a security guard. “Sir, you can’t go inside,” The guy walked in anyway. “Ok, I’m gonna have to get you then” The guy walked back to the entrance and was cursing something. “You cannot curse in here” “Yes, I can. F*ck you!!” he pointed his finger and walked out the door. 

A lady who sat at the cafe with me explained the situation to me, “That guy is banned,” “What did he do?” I asked. “I don’t know, but apparently you can’t curse here,” she said. Then she kept me entertained for the next 15 minutes by telling her project as a “landscape artist”. She showed me her design and said that she’s going to sell the copy for $40 tomorrow. Lol. 

So, a public library is also full with ppl who has not enough money to go to a coworking space or fancy place 🙂 #seattlepubliclibrary #washington #usatrip #solotravel

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