USB Everywhere

A new finding in the last 2 hotels that I’ve stayed in, in the US. The bedside lamps have power outlets and usb port. Another finding is that I need to improve my English pronunciation a lot. I tend to mumble when I talk. “Class” sounds like “glass”, “sa’men” not “salmen”, “bell-view” not “bell-a-view”, say “you’re welcome” when ppl say thank you, apologize when you bump someone or cut/ enter their private space, say “take-wee-la” not “tequila” for tukwila, and many other things.

After a few weeks, ppl expect more from you. You have to blend with the locals and know better. I do learn a lot, 5 weeks holiday is more like a living experience. Nx time I go to these cities, I won’t be a stranger anymore.

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